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Rick Carnero

To say that Rick Carnero is experienced in Miami real estate would be an understatement by an order of magnitude. Rick’s first deal in Miami real estate dates back over three decades, to 1985 when he first obtained his realtor license. In 1986, he qualified and was licensed as a real estate broker and then shortly after that, in the same year, he was licensed as a mortgage broker as well.

As a Miami resident since 1967 and being part of a bloodline of real estate investors, licensed agents and brokers, Rick is uniquely qualified to serve our local market. He has an incredibly keen sense of what it takes to successfully bring to fruition financially sound deals for his long list of real estate clients.

In addition to his decades long experience, what sets Rick apart is his innovative approach, dedication to hard work and his steadfast, principled ideology. Rick, believes that his innate drive to create a bond or a “connection” with people, as well as to take on the supporting role of “mentor,” is what has made his long career in real estate the most incredibly rewarding, personal decision of his life. He “loves” what he does and feels “blessed” to be able to make the dream of home ownership a reality for so many.


Raquel Carnero

As a native and lifelong resident, I am proud to call Miami my home to this very day. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Florida International University, my early career path led me into the field of law enforcement within the United States Federal Judiciary. For nearly 18 years I dedicated myself to changing the lives and behavioral decisions of others. Specifically, my career brought me into contact with a range of people who, thankfully, have granted me a fulfilled life and most importantly allowed me to develop long lasting and deeply meaningful, relationships and friendships.

It was a long reflection on the combination of my commitment to public service and a deep rooted curiosity in my father’s profession that prompted me to make a career change into real estate. For me, owning real estate is the proverbial bridge that ultimately leads to financial freedom for all of those who choose to pursue it.

I am driven, considerate and compassionate. Given that I consider success to be a measure how much of a contribution I make in other’s lives, my ultimate goal is to help you envision the life you want to create and facilitate the process of procuring the tomorrow of your dreams.